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Argon Gas
Carbon Dioxide
Ammonia Gas
Acetylene Gas
Helium Gas
Nitrogen Gas
Oxygen Gas
Zero Air Gas
Mafron Gas
Caliberation Gas
Nitrous Oxide
Medical Oxygen
Argoshield Gas
Sulpher Dioxide
Ethyene Oxide
Neon Gas
Carbon Monoxide Gas
Mixture Gas
Liquor Ammonia Gas
Fire Extinguisher
Industrial Gas Co. (IGC) was founded in 1990 in Bhubaneswar (Odisha).We believe in supplying quality products meeting international standards. We are also business partners of our customers to understand and meet their requirements and exceed their expectation to improve productivity and product quality. Later on in 2008 our sister concern Barunei Gas was developed in IDCO Industrial Estate Choudwar, cuttack.
IGC is in a unique position of offering any of the above in pure form or in mixtures for a very wide variety of industrial purposes.
Process Gases include Helium, Carbon dioxide, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Zero air, Oxygen, Mafron (Refrigerant gas), sulpher Dioxide,P-10, P-5, Nitrous Oxide and Mixture gases
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