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Argon Gas
Carbon Dioxide
Ammonia Gas
Acetylene Gas
Helium Gas
Nitrogen Gas
Oxygen Gas
Zero Air Gas
Mafron Gas
Caliberation Gas
Nitrous Oxide
Medical Oxygen
Argoshield Gas
Sulpher Dioxide
Ethyene Oxide
Neon Gas
Carbon Monoxide Gas
Mixture Gas
Liquor Ammonia Gas
Fire Extinguisher
The core team of Industrial gas co. has experts from manufacturing marketing, supply and Management fields. Together, we create the solutions for your organizations. We are happy to have the most creative, talented and professional people working with us. Industrial gas co. is committed to attracting and developing the highest caliber of talented professionals in order to provide them with interesting and challenging assignments that fulfill their specific needs and desires.

We work with skilled workers consisting of diploma and engineers to work in the manufacturing units. All workers work there are
technically trained and fully skilled to look after the safety in the work and the client site. We have skilled staffs in our entire department to ensure the successful completion of all projects.

We have a highly effective marketing team to handle the total market we have, we have segmented the market according to the districts and we have our executives in almost all districts to look after the clients and their requirements. Thus this thing makes our marketing strategy most effective and we are always able to supply all type of products to our clients in time with all measures of safety.
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