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Ammonia Gas
Acetylene Gas
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Zero Air Gas
Mafron Gas
Caliberation Gas
Nitrous Oxide
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Ethyene Oxide
Neon Gas
Carbon Monoxide Gas
Mixture Gas
Liquor Ammonia Gas
Fire Extinguisher
Industrial Gas Co. (IGC) was founded in 1990 in Bhubaneswar (Odisha). It was previously existing as Ashok Trading Co. in Patna and Chapra in Bihar and then also move it business to West Bengal in Chandrakona road at Midinipur dist as Ashoka Sales Corporation to meet the rising demand for Industrial Gases in industries like Ice Cream Manufactures / Ice Factory, Cold Storage, Research center, Marine Exporters, Refrigerant Gas uses of Car, Cinema Halls, Hotels, Breweries, Cold Drink Manufactures, Power Plants & Steel Plans in the markets.Later on in 2008 our sister concern Barunei Gas was developed in IDCO Industrial Estate Choudwar, cuttack. We believe in supplying quality products meeting international standards. We are also business partners of our customers to understand and meet their requirements and exceed their expectation to improve productivity and product quality.
Delivering a quality product, safely, and on time; first time and every time; this is what makes Industrial Gas Co. (IGC) maintain its position as the largest Industrial Gases Company in India.IGC is in a unique position of offering any of the above in pure form or in mixtures for a very wide variety of industrial purposes.Process Gases include Helium, Carbon dioxide, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Zero air, Oxygen, Mafron (Refrigerant gas),Sulpher Dioxide,P-10, P-5, Nitrous Oxide and Mixture gases
To become Leading Company through Innovation, Quality Consciousness, being Eco Friendly, delivering Highest Standards, maximizing Customer Satisfaction, Maintaining Supplier Relations

Our Core Values:
  • Safety first: First priority to make safe business
  • Customer : Top Priority to serve our customers.
  • Commitments : Fulfill all our commitments.
  • Quality : Quality through continuous Improvements.
  • Flexibility : Flexible to all positive changes.

Industrial Gas Co. (IGC) shall be a quality supplier of High purity and Ultra High purity Gas Mixtures and shall provide products, which meets the needs, specifications and expectations of our customers with a commitment to satisfy applicable regulatory requirements. Towards achieving this, Industrial Gas Co. (IGC) endeavors to continually improve its quality management system, products, processes, practices and employee skills.

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