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Industrial gas used in a variety of industrial and laboratory situations .Industrial gas presents a unique hazard. Depending on the particular gas, there is a potential for simultaneous exposure to both mechanical and chemical hazards.Gases can be:
– Flammable or combustible
– Explosive
– Corrosive
– Poisonous/toxic
– Inert
– Cryogenic
– Pyrophoric(burns on contact with air)
– or a combination of hazards

So to create a good atmosphere in making gas refilling station a safety place we generally.Have highly skilled workers who are certified in this business.Maintenance of cylinders are done in regular intervals.Proper handling of cylinders are done to prevent any kind of damage to the cylinders. Proper storage of cylinders are made to ensure the safety of gas cylinders.Highly ventilated working conditions to make a good and safety atmosphere for the workers and safety of refilling station

The refilling acitivities of our company is carried out in our sister concern Barunei Gases at IDCO.Plot No-42(P),43,44,45(P),46(P) & 47(P) IDCO Industrial Estate Choudwar,Dist-Cuttack.Argon and Carbondioxide gases are produced and refilled in this station.

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