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We have huge supply of industrial gas to the power sector. It includes ammonia and argon gas the most. Ammonia is used in the chimney to arrest the dust and smoke to control the environmental pollution whereas, argon is used in infrastructural development and other maintenance work.

We supply industrial gases to a lot of mining companies in Orissa. In particular we supply huge amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen gases which are used for mining and extracting metals out of mixtures.

Beverage industries generally use carbon dioxide (CO2) as their main raw material for producing cold drinks and bear. Along with that we supply ammonia gas, which are used in cooling process in the chilling plant. Milk producing factories are also our client as they need ammonia gas for the chilling process.

Hospitality industries as always need medical oxygen, and we are one of the biggest supplier of medical oxygen to the hospitals in the industry. Apart from that we also supply the refrigerant gas (Mafron) which is used in central and package Air conditioning.

There are a lot of ice factories producing ice, used in different units for storage and cooling purpose. Ice factories generally use ammonia gas for keeping a low and condensed temperature for the manufacturing of ice in the factories.

Cold storage is one of the most important sector which stores a huge no. of food grains for the future demand. We also supply industrial gas to them, in particular they need ammonia gas for keeping the warehouse cool and condensed.

Steel plants as we know use gases for mig steel welding and extraction process. Hence we supply them carbon dioxide (CO2) and argon gases which are used for mig steel welding, extraction, and structural process of iron.

Entertainment industries in particular cinema halls need huge amount of Mafron gas for central and package air conditioning. Hence we supply those Mafron gases and also fire extinguisher.

Marine industries need gases to keep the perishable export items cool and condensed. Hence we supply ammonia gas in tankers to the marine industries to make good and proper ice packaging and keep the storage unit cool and condensed.

Research centers are our regular clients and they need almost all type of gases for their research procedure. Hence we supply them all verities of industrial gases to meet their daily requirement for research.

Automobile industries are our regular customers as they required Mafron gas for the air conditioning purpose and we generally supply them in tankers . all automobile companies including Tata, Honda, Hyundai, Maruti , Ford, Volkswagen , Mahindra, Scoda, Volvo, etc are our clients.
Fire extinguisher: We supply Fire extinguisher to all industries in all type of cylinders.
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